Pru My Child

Pru My Child is a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan that serves to fulfill the protection needs of you and your child, allowing you to plan ahead for their future… today.

PRU my Child, offers coverage during the crucial pregnancy and infancy periods, compared to most conventional child plans that leaves the child without any protection during the early stages of infancy. Additionally, certain congenital abnormalities may not be covered under regular juvenile plans. With PRU my Child, parents can now be rest assured that their baby will be well protected, even before they are born!

At a glance, it offers:-

  • Complete protection for every stage of your child’s life… even Before BIRTH
  • Enhancement to your child’s plan with New & Extended range of covers*
  • Additional protection for Parent*
  • Planting the seeds towards a Secure Education Fund for your child

Enhance Pru My Child cover with Pru Early Start or Pru Best Start.

Compared to most juvenile plans that can only be purchased after the child is 2 weeks old, PRU Early Start and PRU Best Start serves to bridge this gap between those crucial periods – through pregnancy, birth of your child and as they begin their journey into adulthood.

To see a simple illustration of how PRUearly start and PRUbest start works, look at the chart below


* Amount payable will be adjusted if any withdrawals have been made.

** Payable only if diagnosis and hospitalisation is prior to child attaining age 2 years.
1 & 2 For further details regarding the Pregnancy Care Benefit and Child Care Benefit, please refer to your policy document.
3 Congenital conditions covered under:


Who can take up the PRUmy child plan?

You can take up this plan for your unborn child as early as 18 weeks into your pregnancy*, or for your child who is between 1 – 18 years of age on his / her next birthday. The parent, who must be between 18 – 60 years old, owns the policy and is able to adapt it as they see fit for the benefit of the child.

There are other optional benefits in Pru My Child. Note that there are Terms & Conditions for what is mention above.

My thoughts about Pru My Child. Without the pre-birth benefits, it is a regular investment link policy with options for medical, accident cover etc. If you are a person who wants to be covered for risk before your child is born, then the pre-birth benefits are useful. If a child is born with congenital illness, it can really drain a family financially. Whether is suits you, you will have to decide based on the premiums you can afford vs the benefits given.


If you want a brochure from me, send me an email via the the contact page.


Pru My Child — 6 Comments

  1. pru my child’s plan sounds good. I need a brochure of it, how to get the broucher

  2. Hi Leen, thanks for leaving the comment. I sent you the brochure, feel free to contact me should you need to clarify any point.

  3. 1.How much the premium per/month for:-
    1. 1PRU early start?
    1.2. PRU best start?

    2.My wife is in 24 week pregnancy,
    2.1 have a history of bleeding,
    2.2 warded for 2 times in Marc and April because of bleding
    2.3 My first child was borned premature @7month, and now
    my child is 6 years old completely healthy without any
    illness or disease

    How the above situation affect the premium? and othe detail?